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Give your employees the right tools
and they will give you their all

A new generation of employees are taking over the workforce. The businesses that understand technology's role as a catalyst for a young worker's potential will be the ones that innovate, retain talent, and grow.

The first-ever Lenovo ThinkBook meets the tech expectations of the new workforce while providing small and medium-sized businesses built-in security and support features essential for digital transformation.

I was the creative lead and main copywriter for all assets. I oversaw and edited contributing writers to the magazine (see below).

tags: copywriting, creative direction, interactive, video, print


This global launch campaign took an editorial approach, with a website and magazine dedicated to exploring the transforming workplace, alongside more traditional video and print advertising.


The website contextualized key product features and benefits within the exploration of the transforming workplace.


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To educate small- to medium-sized business owners on the generational and technological transition taking shape in the workplace, we created a short magazine that covered everything from millennial and gen-Z work expectations to IT security.

Lenovo ThinkBook Magazine


Executive Creative Director: Valerie Moizel
Associate Creative Director: Jonathan Miller
Art Director: Darren Ngyuen
Art Director: Nathan Huft
Designer: David Ruelas
Contributing Writer: Alyssa Albert
Contributing Writer: Amanda Wallace
Contributing Writer: John McDermott
Contributing Writer: Laura DiDio
Producer: Lorna Paul
Director / Editor: John Wynn

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