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The Kawasaki Ninja H2R and street-legal Ninja H2 are the only supercharged production motorcycles ever created. They represent a culmination of over 130 years of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. engineering prowess—sourcing technology from Aerospace and Gas Turbine divisions of KHI. These are motorcycles that only Kawasaki could make.

My agency creative team led a select team of marketers across the US, EU, and Japan—scripting and producing global launch videos, a social campaign, and an interactive launch. I wrote all launch material.

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As a tagline, Built Beyond Belief isn't hyperbole—just ask every supercharger producer in the world who said it couldn't be done. The paint has a layer of pure silver. The exhaust pipe could be described as a flamethrower.

A teaser video campaign produced by KHI in Japan slowly unfurled the scope of these machines while my team developed launch materials across media, producing two global launch videos at the Virgin America Spaceport in New Mexico.

Launch videos were distributed across the US, EU, Canada, Latin America, and Japan, earning millions of views worldwide.

global launch ads

The Ninja H2R is the flagship track bike, shown at immense speeds on open concrete. The Ninja H2 is the street-legal model, packed with more power and technology than any other bike before it.

Video 1: The track-only Ninja H2R shredding open concrete at over 200 mph in top secret testing
Video 2: The street-legal Ninja H2, an extraordinary machine


The Ninja H2/R global launch coincided with the launch of the completely revamped and redesigned Kawasaki.com. and a new social media content and community management strategy that I developed.

KawasakiH2R Social

accelerated performance

The Ninja H2 and H2R have fulfilled their promise to redefine the industry. Production has continued as demand has soared after a small initial release, and Kawasaki has additionally released another supercharged model. Our videos received millions of views globally, and follow up campaigns drove over a million more. All executed largely in secret by a global team led by marketing executives in the US and Japan in collaboration with myself and a small creative team.


Executive Creative Director: Stefan Drust
Group Creative Director: Mike Berg
Art Director: Brett McMillan
Senior Copywriter: Jonathan Miller
Motion Graphics: Eric Liss
Sound Design: Eric Liss
Video Edit: Brett & Eric
Interactive Designer: Erick Correa

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