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Founded in 2004, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks created an entirely new category and thrived. But as the business matured, so too did the competition, providing equal and opposite force to Sky Zone's upward motion. They needed to reposition in order to bring in new customers and gain back market share.

I led the rebrand effort in brand strategy, positioning, and creative execution along with the group and executive creative directors. I collaborated with the client on research, developed the brand platform, helped to create the brand identity, and executed this vision across all media and in all aspects of a franchise business.

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Brand Positioning

We started by developing brand pillars that could define the experience to provide a foundation for the brand moving forward. We then crafted a positioning statement—Come Alive—that could unite all the brand pillars, appeal to an expanded audience, differentiate from competition, and serve as a north star to guide the company.

come alive

Brand identity

With brand positioning set, we began building out a distinct brand identity, both visual and verbal. Our visual approach centered on three key principles: motion, moments, and owning orange—an existing, yet underutilized brand color.

Our brand voice was guided by similar principles: active, engaging, inclusive, impactful, and aspirational.

These guidelines and other approved assets were compiled into a brand book and style guide to help establish continuity between corporate and 150+ individual franchises.

Brand content

A large multi-day production drove the development of all-new brand assets: action photography and video, website and social content, green screen footage, and more. We created a new brand spot, as well as videos for popular attractions and programs to be used in web and social.


Video 1: Brand Spot
Video 2: Sky Slam Attraction
Video 3: Social Animations

WEB design & development

Franchise businesses present a unique challenge when it comes to web design. Not only did we have to bring forth a new design language, we also had to develop CMS capabilities for 150+ parks.

Regarding design, we made subtle use of parallaxing and animation of photography and graphic elements to align with the brand direction—bringing the in-park experience to the forefront.



Over the course of less than nine months, we led a rebrand process from start to finish: research, planning, positioning, strategy, brand ID, production, and execution. The new website has greatly eased multiple burdens held by franchise partners under the old system, while greatly enhancing the user experience. New content and strategies for distribution have given greater flexibility in marketing strategy at both national and local levels.

Same park year-over-year sales have steadily increased and the website has driven more conversions to local park pages by a significant factor. Communications and content have just began to introduce the new Sky Zone to the world, and the challenge ahead is to implement changes to the in-park experience to continue facilitating a premium experience.


Executive Creative Director: Scott Mallone
EVP, Client Partnerships: Peter Poulioupolous
Group Creative Director: Nick Boes
Art Director: Brett Beynon
Design & Motion: Geoff Roseborough
Senior Copywriter: Jonathan Miller
Account Lead: Love Streams
Front End Dev: Owen Masback

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