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If you're always looking over your shoulder
how does your business ever move forward?

Cyber threats pose an existential threat to every business. So when it comes to organizational priorities, IT security isn't just more important than ever. It's the most important thing, period. Yet many IT leaders will tell you they're woefully ill-equipped to hold down the fort because they can't get through to their executives.

We positioned Lenovo's enterprise security suite, ThinkShield, as a competitive advantage for businesses and a practical advantage for IT administrators in a global campaign featuring actress and tech investor (Uber, Wag!) Olivia Munn.

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In addition to a three-part docuseries documenting the 2014 hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, we created both a product launch campaign for media and an arsenal of various sales materials and resources for IT professionals looking to grow their organization's investment in digital security.


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Launch Video

A series of videos that detailed ThinkShield solutions in the context of cybersecurity thought leadership topics.

End-to-End Security

Securing Human Error

Defending the Onslaught

Security for Growth


The website was deployed globally in 81 countries and translated into 32 langauges. It simultaneously offered a high-level overview for non-technical executives and the ability for IT professionals to dive deeper into the product offering and other materials they could use to make the internal sell to their c-suite.

Lenovo ThinkShield Web Comp

A series of key campaign photographs were used across media, including these print ads that spoke directly and independently to IT decision makers and c-suite executives.

We also created a library of sales sheets, infographics, and other materials that could both aid Lenovo sales staff in communicating ThinkShield and serve as resources for IT managers trying to secure larger budgets for IT security.

Lenovo ThinkShield Print Ad 1Lenovo ThinkShield Print Ad 1


Executive Creative Director: Valerie Moizel
Creative Director: David Blacker
Assoc. Creative Director / Writer: Jonathan Miller
Senior Art Director: Darren Nguyen
Art Director: Nathan Huff
Director & Editor: Alex Germanotta
Director of Production: Lorna Paul

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